Ariana Grande and one of the most important people in her life just cemented their relationship with tattoos.

After being honored at Billboard's Women in Music event on Thursday, the pop star and her Nonna, Marjorie Grande, marked the occasion by getting inked together. Grande, 25, captured the special moment on Instagram Stories, showing off her 93-year-old grandmother having "Ciccio" tattooed on her ring finger.

The tattoo is a tribute to her late husband, Frank Grande. According to Urban Dictionary, it's a common nickname for people named Frncesco or Frank. It was Nonna's first tattoo, but she had no problem getting through it.

"I feel fine," she said in the video. "I've had a little bit more excitement than this!"

Nonna then joked, "You don't know what pain is!"

After her grandma's tattoo was complete, it was Grande's turn to go under the needle. She opted to add a huge crescent moon next to stars and a sun to the top of her left hand. Both tattoos were done by Mira Mariah, who also inked the Spirited Away character on the "Breathin'" singer's forearm.

Mariah shared a photo of Grande's new tattoo on her own Instagram. She also shared a photo of herself alongside the pop star, writing, "I frkn luv u okay."

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