I have to get something off my chest about the majority of drivers who travel down Elton Hills Drive.

Here's the problem I'm facing every time I head towards my in-laws' house:

After I make a stop at the stop light once I exit the off ramp, I'm immediately surrounded by other vehicles and that's when I start to grip the steering wheel just a little bit tighter because of what's about to happen next.

If you've ever traveled that stretch of road, more specifically heading east towards Broadway, then you know how there's always vehicles parked along the right side of the street (like in the picture above).

Now, my beef isn't with those residents who live down Elton Hills, although they could park closer to the curb to help the matter. No, my problem is with the drivers who feel they have to hug the center line while driving in the left lane because they always seem to push you closer to those parked cars while you're in the right lane!

I swear to God, I'm bracing for impact every single time I'm driving down that road. I'm seriously surprised more accidents and fender-benders don't happen more often because it's so bottle-necked and compact. Or maybe they do?

Do you feel the same way when you drive down Elton Hills? What other stretch of road gives you anxiety whenever you travel down it? Leave a comment below, and drive carefully!

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