Are you in the market for a piano? If you are, you probably know that not only are they a hassle to move but they are also very expensive, meaning most would love to get one at a discount if possible.

Are You A Target?

According to the Better Business Bureau, scammers are targeting music lovers in the market for a piano but that's not all.

Scammers are also targeting businesses, schools and churches. They are doing this by using an all-too-familiar ruse, but one that might be hard to spot if you aren't familiar with all the scams going around.

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Pianist and piano from above.
Joaquin Corbalan

How This Piano Scam Works

The scam begins with you receiving an email or a listing on Facebook. The listing says that there is a piano that could be yours free of charge because the secret scammer is looking to donate it.

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The listing also comes with a sob story to get people to put their guards down, with the scammer saying that their 'deceased partner' loved music and wanted the piano to be donated to a good cause or to someone who would really use it.

Musical instruments lying on the piano in dark colors

What Happens Next?

You say you want the piano and then the real scam begins, with the scammer saying the piano is free but you'll have to foot the bill for the shipping. The scammer says everything is worked out already and you just have to pay the fee.

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We all know how this works: you pay up and there is no piano and you are out thousands - yes, thousands of dollars. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

As always, never give out any personal or banking information to a third-party unless you are absolutely sure it is legitimate. As a good rule of thumb, always do a lot of research before you buy something online.


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