We all make mistakes, we forget things, it's all good! It happens! But this story from the Big Lake Police Department is absolutely hilarious. If you need a good laugh, keep reading.

A police officer shared this story on the Big Lake Police Department Facebook page. The officer had stopped at a Kwik Trip in Big Lake to get gas and snack when the manager asked if she could talk to him about a recent gas drive-off. Someone hadn't paid for their gas.

The officer agreed to help her out and the manager gave him the photo from the security cameras of the vehicle and the suspect. Well, turns out it was the Big Lake Police Chief, Chief Joel Scharf, pumping gas into one of the police cars. In the photo he's on the phone, obviously distracted by something else. So distracted he completely forgot to pay for his gas.

In the Facebook post, the officer writes that "everyone busted out laughing" after he was handed the photo.

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