BILL BILL BILL BILL! Who else remembers watching the iconic Bill Nye the Science Guy when they were a kid? I love him! And now we get the chance to see Bill Nye in person in southeast Minnesota.

I got to see him speak at my college (shout out University of Minnesota, Morris) and it was incredible. First of all, you've got the nostalgia of watching him on the big block of a TV on a rolling cart. Second of all, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. And third of all, he's so smart and it's amazing to hear him speak.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Speaking at Winona State University

Bill Nye is going to be coming to Winona State University to speak. He'll be there on Tuesday, November 1st at 7 PM. Tickets are $20 which isn't a bad price to go see a speaker. It says that he'll "share his views on how we can use science to change the world." There's also going to be a moderated Q&A session at the end so if you've ever had a question for Bill Nye, now's your chance!

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If you're able to go I'd highly recommend it because when I saw him it was so interesting and just really fun to see this guy you watched on TV in real life. He's also incredibly easy to listen to because he's had years of experience hosting a show.

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