Sometimes, we’re in the mood to watch something that will make us feel all the big feelings. Other times, we want a movie that’s fun, light, and uncomplicated. In a couple of rare cases, we get both — a comedic, fast-paced film that still manages to incorporate a powerful message. In fact, some of your favorite feel-good comedies are surprisingly deep.

Let’s take Greta Gerwig’s Barbie for instance. When the movie hit theaters in July 2023, fans of all ages rushed to see it. But not everyone knew that there were some hard-to-swallow truths right beneath the film’s bubblegum pink veneer. These unexpectedly complex comedies may be entertaining, but they can also teach us a thing or two about the meaning of life, love, and happiness.

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We’ve come to expect this delicate balance of humor and depth from a majority of Disney Pixar films — they’re oftentimes hilarious and moving, joyous and serious. They’re comedies with a huge side of genuine life lessons. There are other films that aren’t made by Disney/Pixar that fall into this category, too. Below, you’ll find 10 popular comedies that may seem simple on the surface, but are actually much deeper than they let on.

Comedy Movies That Are Surprisingly Deep

These movies are good for a laugh — and a whole lot more.
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