We are giving away two 4 packs of admission tickets!

Before the long cold of the Minnesota winter starts to set in, a different kind of chill fills the air at Northern Frights. With six terrifying attractions, Southern Minnesota's Largest Haunted Attraction has haunts that'll unlock your nightmares. Each ticket grants fright-seekers access to all six haunts:

Legends: Out of the Minnesota wilderness, tall tales of terror have emerged, including Big Foot and ghosts rising from a sunken ship. What would happen if they were all in one place?

Bloody Backwoods: Along side the Wataonwan River under the old growth oaks, iconic legends of horror lurk. Take a walk in the BLoody Backwoods with your darkest nightmares.

Gauntlet: Can you survive the gauntlet? Guess you will have to try it and see...Only one way in and one way out

Killer Clowns 3D: Strap on your 3D glasses for this assault of the senses. Bright colors, neon lights, and killer clowns coming from all sides await you in this attraction.

Phobias: What are you afraid of? My guess is we will find out, we have had grown men run out the front door as they enter the first room. Enter if you dare.

Terror Tunnel: Round and Round she goes, where it ends no one knows.

*Contest ends October 13, 2019.