Minneapolis Digs Out After Blizzard
Getty Images

BRRRR!! That's all I can think of when I read this... then again, I'll be home where it's warm and with unlimited nachos.

According to WCCO, Metro Transit workers are threatening to walk off the job during the 10 days of Super Bowl festivities, which could lead to a ton of frustrated, and frozen fans.

Both light rail and bus services could potentially stop altogether as negotiations between the Met Council and Metro Transit argue over their old contract, which expired back in July.

However, it's not all about the money. Instead they're focusing more on safety improvements and added health care benefits.

Honestly though, I say good for them! They deserve better pay and a safer working environment.

They have a good bargaining tool to get a new contract done with the Super Bowl only weeks away. I hope they get what they want by February 4th!

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