A family in Edina was in search for a nanny/household manager for their daughter. They made a post on Craigslist for the position. The issue is that they had some ridiculous requests and their job posting soon went viral.

The posting was made on Tuesday and has since been taken down, according to Bring Me the News. Luckily, they took screenshots of the posting so we can see the whole thing!

Here are a few examples of just how insane this nanny job posting was:

"As I write this, the countertop installation team is here fixing a little alignment issue they made with our dishwasher. I wish you had booked them and had gotten the dishes done before they came so my husband and I could have spent more time playing with our baby and going through a business training together. :)"


"I care a lot about what my house looks like because home is The Most Important to me for a million reasons. So if you are the type that 'just doesn’t notice' that you left crumbs on the table, thank u next. If you are going to judge me because I like to wear the occasional high fashion item, you’re on the wrong post."


"If you are going to call my daughter a 'princess' or make comments about how to 'act like a lady' BYE. This is not the job for you. If you are going to criticize her for being bossy, move on to a different post."


"We are not fantastic cooks, but you are! Meal prep is fun for you and you're excited to help take care of us. Also, I have celiac disease, so you can't bring gluten into the house. If you don't know what gluten is and you're not resourceful enough to google it right now, this is not the job for you."

YIKES. If you want to read the full post you can find screenshots HERE.

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