Here's the thing, I know that lots of people are not fans of Elf on the shelf. They look creepy and they're a lot of work for parents. I get it. I totally understand. There have been many times I have walked around my house and was startled at Phoebe, our elf. And yeah she's a lot of work. However, my kids really love her and it brings a smile to their face and mine when they come rushing down the stairs to see what new adventure Phoebe was on the night before.

To make life a little easier, Elf on the Shelf came out with a kit to help reduce anxiety and last minute rush for ideas on Pinterest. The kit consists of a hundred ideas as well as accessories. I used it the first day - Phoebe decided to zip line from the foyer to the kitchen. My eldest child told me that it was excessive. Apparently I had kept the bar low until I got this kit. Haha! No more last minute rushing in the morning because I forgot to move Phoebe! I call this a win/win.

Need some ideas for your Elf on the Shelf? Here's some that I liked (and plan to do):





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