New ownership has one of Rochester's cab firms re-thinking how it will charge their riders by lowering its downtown fees.


Sounds promising so far, right?

Well the key-word to remember there is "Downtown," as the new standard fee will be a more affordable and rider-friendly $7.

That's right in line with what both transportation network companies Uber and Lyft charge, which still isn't horrible at all.

However, according to an article from Jeff Kiger at the Post Bulletin, Yellow Cab will only honor this while picking up and dropping off their passengers inside a designated downtown Rochester area.

With both Uber and Lyft having become available within the area this past year, it definitely makes sense to see Yellow Cab dropping their fares within the city to become more competitive toward the two popular apps. There's also Med City Taxi to think about as well.

I haven't hailed a cab in several years, but I have used Lyft recently and it was certainly easier to catch a sober ride home when you're downtown on the weekend. Perhaps now that Yellow Cab has made themselves a little more competitive price-wise, I'll give them a try next time I'm out with friends.

So will this new fair from Yellow Cab change your mind when calling for a ride?

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