This can't possibly be real... can it?

Growing up, I believed in ghosts. Like in a bad way.

Maybe it was from watching too many scary movies, or it could have easily been from listening to my uncles tell one too many ghost stories around a bonfire. But you better believe I always flipped on every house light, and checked around every corner before walking into a dimly lit room before I entered it in fear that something would get me.

I felt that way with our school too. It was an older building that was built in the early 50's and whenever my parents asked for help (they were both teachers there) I would grudgingly tag along... only because at some point they would leave me alone in their classrooms so they could run to the main office to make copies or something.

I would always feel so creeped out when I was alone because the building was so old and things would creek and moan everywhere. That's why watching this video above just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

You can get the full story about this school HERE, but seriously, the 10-year-old in me says that's real!

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