I took my kids to see Sonic at the theater before the pandemic and they loved it but unfortunately, it isn't on Netflix. I spotted it in the Redbox kiosk on my way out of the HyVee on West Circle Dr. the other day so I decided to rent it for them. When I selected the movie I was surprised to see the option to "own" it.

Forgive me if this is old news, but I had no idea Redbox sold movies. We typically stream everything so we don't usually rent or buy DVDs - I love this option though because some of these kids' movies take forever to reach steaming platforms. I'd much rather pay $3.99 to own it than rent it multiple times. Once the movie is available on a streaming platform I can always ditch the DVD.

The movie you buy is used, but the one we got works great and my kids have already watched it several times. It's not just kids' movies either, Redbox lists a ton of movies that are available to own for only $3.99 on their website. 

In other movie news, did you read about the Rochester theatre that is renting out entire auditoriums so you and your friends can have a private screening? You can invite up to 20 people for a very unique and surprisingly affordable night at the movies. Get the info here. 

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