A man has just filed a paternity claim with a Minnesota court against Prince’s estate claiming he is the late musician’s long, lost son. However, there's one small wrinkle. The person is currently incarcerated in Colorado.

Kansas City, Missouri native Carlin Q. Williams, who is currently in “supermax” federal prison for gun possession, is claiming that he's Prince’s biological son. Williams is the first known person to claim to be the singer’s long, lost child, writing “I Am Prince The Singer's Son” on his social media pages, where he goes by the name 7princedracula.

In recent posts, Williams features pictures of himself trying to highlight a resemblance to Prince. However, his Facebook and Twitter accounts have recently been deleted.

TMZ reports that the 39-year-old man has filed legal documents claiming his mom, Marsha Henson, met Prince in the lobby of the Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, back in July 1976. And she explains in a formal court affidavit, that she “drank wine with the singer, checked into a room and had unprotected sex.”

Marsha Henson wants the world to know she didn't have sex with anyone six weeks before her alleged rendezvous with Prince and no sex during her entire pregnancy.

Prince has no known living children. His son, who had been named Boy Gregory, with his first wife, Mayte Garcia, in 1996, died shortly after birth due to Pfeiffer syndrome.

Carlin is reportedly trying to retrieve some of Prince’s DNA samples to make sense of his biological paternity.

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