We've all heard of Kiss Cams, heck we even had a movie called 'Merry Kiss Cam' recently filmed in Duluth. However, this is likely the first Dog Lick Cam you've ever seen and it may be the cutest thing you've seen in a long time.

If you're a dog owner like me, you know how excited they can be when you get home. I have two dogs and while I'm in our mud room taking off my jacket and shoes, I can already hear them excitedly whining outside the door. They will also stand on two legs as they pound on the door with anticipation with their front legs. I brace myself every day before I walk in.

Similar scenarios play out with pet owners everywhere, including inside the home of Mark Garvey. Mark is a photographer for KSTP-TV in Minneapolis and he recently shared with me a video showing the fantastic greeting he receives from the three dogs that await his arrival every day.

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Mark has two dogs of his own, beagles named Riley and Charlie. He's also currently watching his daughter's lab named Scout. He knows when he gets home that all three lovable dogs will all want to enthusiastically welcome him, so he decided the best thing to do would be to just give in and let them all come at him at once.

While he knew they would be excited, he didn't anticipate the onslaught of the kisses he would be subjecting himself to. Luckily for all of us, he decided to record the moment, and thus, Dog Lick Cam was born.

Do you have a similar experience to share? I'd love to see how your pets greet you when you arrive back home. You can easily share videos with me through B105 Mobile App.

If you're a cat owner, do the best you can. I've owned cats as well and they barely paid attention to me when I got home unless I happened to have food with me.

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