Ran across this story on my Facebook news feed, and my blood is boiling. Who would do something like this? Why?! The dog was only 3 years old, and left behind a litter of puppies. Here are all the details...

WARNING: graphic photo below!

This is heartbreaking!


I actually spoke with the girl who posted this on Facebook. The 3-year-old white German shepard named Katy had a therapy dog aptitude that belonged to her mother.

Late Sunday afternoon, Katy and another dog were running around her property when they took off and headed toward Autumn Ridge Church. Their owner, Susan Powers, went to catch up with them in her car. Katy has GPS chip, so she was able to locate them rather quick. When she got to the dogs, both seemed fine and jumped into the back. It was then that Katy began to throw up and later passed. Powers saw that Katy was bleeding, and it was from a bullet wound.

Akemann says Powers did file a police report.

Now I warn you, this picture is graphic. It's gut-wrenching, and so sad. Powers' daughter, Ashley Akemann, shared it on Facebook in hopes of finding the person responsible.


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