I'm pretty sure every part of Minnesota (or Minne-snow-ta) has seen snow by now this winter. The northern part of the state has already gotten quite a bit this season and because of that Duluth, Minnesota is looking for volunteers for a bizarre-sounding job.

Duluth is looking for volunteer snow stompers. Yep, you read that right. Snow stompers. As a snow stomper, you do exactly what it says: stomp snow. Even though it sounds silly there's a good reason for the volunteer position.

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FOX 21 spoke with Recreation Specialist Brett Odegard about the snow stompers. He said it started last year when everyone was stuck inside. They wanted to come up with a way to get people outside safely in the winter. Some people can't hike it through piles of snow so they got volunteer snow stoppers to walk trails in the area to literally stomp the snow down to make it safer for others. That's not a bad idea!

This year they have 7 hiking trails they want volunteers to stomp down. When people sign up they get free snowshoes rentals for the season so they can go out in the snowshoes and stomp the snow to their heart's content.

The trails that will be stomped by these volunteers go from Duluth all the way out to Ely. Duluth Parks and Rec hopes to add more trails to the list sometime. The trails they add will be based on feedback from the community on which trails they'd like stomped.

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