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St Paul (KROC AM News) - At least two Minnesotans were recently sickened after eating spinach that has been linked to a multi-state E.coli outbreak.

The Minnesota Dept. of Health says the two are in their mid-20s and became ill between Oct 17 and Oct 23rd.


One had eaten Josie’s Organics organic baby spinach purchased from a HyVee store. The other person consumed Fresh Thyme organic baby spinach purchased from a Fresh Thyme store. MDH says both brands are produced by Braga Fresh. The Josie’s bag was checked and tested positive for E.coli.

As of Monday, ten cases had been confirmed in Minnesota, Iowa, and five other states.


At this time, Minnesota health officials are warning consumers to not eat Josie’s Organics organic baby spinach and Fresh Thyme organic baby spinach with a best by date on or around 10/23/2021, and if they have it in their refrigerators, to throw it out. The investigation by state and federal partners to determine the scope of the contamination is ongoing; this investigation could result in an expansion of the warning to include additional production dates.

Information on the national outbreak can be found here.

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