Well, hello amazing deal. Every single year I end up with a few gift cards that I'm not going to use. In fact, I think I still have a few from last year in my wallet. While I 100% appreciate the thought from the person that gave it to me, don't get me wrong, a trip to the Bahamas sounds way more exciting than that restaurant I don't like. ;) Beautiful news, that is possible. You can turn your unwanted gift cards into a trip.

It's all part of United Airlines' MileagePlus Gift Card exchange program. They accept several types of gift cards, even for other airlines. To take advantage of this deal, however, you will need to have a MileagePlus account. It's a program that will help you earn even more miles. Unfortunately, if you aren't a MileagePlus member yet, you'll need to be approved and active for at least 90 days before you can take advantage of the exchange program.

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