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There's an exciting M&M experience store opening up at the Mall of America this Saturday! If you've ever been to one of the M&M stores in Las Vegas or Orlando, that's the kind of store coming to Minnesota.

I've been to the Las Vegas location and it's so colorful and fun! And the wall of M&M's is the coolest. It will be awesome to check out the store when they open at MOA. Based on the picture on M&M's website it looks like the store will be at the old American Girl location near Nickelodeon Universe.

This M&M store isn't going to be like any other M&M store, though. It's going to be regionally themed. The M&M website says that the "store will incorporate region-specific décor that clearly distinguishes this location, paying homage to Midwest culture." A little tease that the Mall of America put on their Facebook page earlier today may give a little sneak peek at the color scheme of the store. I'm liking the feel so far!

There's going to be tons and tons of M&M's to choose from at the store but there will also be exclusive merchandise to go along with the Midwest theme. If you go and check the place out we would love to see pictures! You can send us pictures on our free app.

As I mentioned earlier, the M&M store is taking over the old American Girl location. I was so sad when that place closed. Sadly, there are places we loved around Rochester that have since closed. Keep scrolling to check out Rochester stores and restaurants that we miss.

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