A free event is happening in Southeast Minnesota on Sunday, October 9th, at the Dodge County Fairgrounds for Veterans and their families!

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Free Event For Veterans and Family Members on Sunday in Kasson, Minnesota

If you are a Veteran or have a loved one that has served our country, a free event is happening for Veterans and family members on Sunday in Kasson, Minnesota at the Dodge County Fairgrounds at MN-57, Kasson, MN 55944 from 12pm until 3pm.


 "DAV Auxiliary Making a Difference"

What to expect at the free event at the Dodge County Fairgrounds

The Disabled American Auxiliary Mayo SE Unit 28 is providing a great event for Veterans and their families on Sunday, October 9th, 2022.  There is going to be a free BBQ meal with all of the sides for everyone to enjoy.

To help show support to Veterans, there will also be a station set up so anyone who wants to, they can make and decorate a card for Veterans.

Disabled American Auxiliary Mayo SE Unit 28
Disabled American Auxiliary Mayo SE Unit 28

Vendors will also be on-site and information about Veteran benefits will also be available.

Bonus Fun!  There is also going to be a goodie bag for children that attend the event and those are available while supplies last.

Learn more about the event on Facebook at the Disabled American Auxillary Mayo SE Unit 28 page here.

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rochester on tap craft beer festival
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