A woman took to Reddit explaining she grew so frustrated with her husband's nonstop gaming, she was forced to tell his boss that it was the reason he was missing work — which led to him getting fired.

She explained her husband "has a habit of making excuses to get out of work," and the situation reached a boiling point after he got a new video game console.

"This has affected us financially because his boss kept lowering his salary," she wrote via Reddit. "I had to get a [second] job."

"He's now bought a [PS5]... and started playing with it day and night [while] missing work and lying to his boss about why he does it," she continued, adding that after becoming "fed up" with his behavior she had no choice but to tell his boss why he wasn't showing up for work.

"He was [asleep] after staying up all night playing video games [and] decided to skip work even though his boss gave him a last warning," she detailed. "His boss called...and I picked up the phone. He asked where my husband was and whether he was coming to work. I straight up said no, because he was up all night playing video games."

Her husband's boss allegedly became upset with the situation and gave him the ax.

"[Two] hours later, I got a call from my husband [panicking] saying [he] found a text from his boss saying he was fired," she wrote. "He blew up at me saying he was cooking up an [excuse] to get his (now former) boss off his back and give him the day off but I went [and] f---ed it all up."

The woman noted she told her husband not to "blame" her for his "lack of commitment" to his job. In turn, he yelled at her, saying she was just trying to "get back at him and to mess with his livelihood."

In the comments, users rallied behind the woman, letting her know she wasn't at fault and that her husband needs to take responsibility for his actions.

"He has no accountability by blaming you for this inevitable outcome. Honestly, I think you need to divorce him pronto," one person wrote.

"If you have [to] take a second job, so he could stay at home and play ps5, it's not [a] partnership. You are not his mom, so it would be better for you to find someone who treats you as equal, and not his sponsor," another user commented. "There are a lot of reasons I'd get a second job to support my husband, but supplementing the income he's losing due to playing video games too much is not one of them."

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