Prepare for a weekend of creepy tours, ghost hunts and psychic readings. Minnesota's Paranormal Festival will surely send shivers up your spine. 

For the Halloween lovers out there, this haunted weekend is the perfect way to kick off your holiday festivities. Conveniently enough, it all starts on Friday the 13th. Three full days of haunted tours, creepy stories, a ghost hunt and psychic readings. It's the 4th Annual Paranormal Weekend.

It all takes place in the small town of Pipestone, MN which dates back to 1876. The weekend starts with spooky candelight stories and a tour of the 129 year old Calumet Inn. People have reported seeing a woman wondering the hallways, a piano playing on its own and a man in an old fashioned suit that disappears when approached. Are you brave enough to walk the hotel in the dark?

The weekend will continue with tours through cemeteries, old museums and other historic sites. Tour guides will carry ghost hunting equipment to allow you to encounter paranormal activity. A psychic will also be on hand to connect you with the dead.

To find out more, and to make reservations for Paranormal Weekend, click here. 

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