Results from a new survey that measured Rochester visitors' satisfaction have just been released.

The second survey was completed by 2,420 visitors between April 2016 and March 2017 and, according to a press release from the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau, the city’s top strengths are:

1. Safety. Safety was also identified as a top strength in last year’s survey too, and the measure experienced slight upward movement this year.
2. Cleanliness. Cleanliness was identified as a top strength last year as well, and also experienced slight upward movement this year.
3. Friendliness/helpfulness of people. Survey respondents indicated that Rochester’s hospitality industry workers and residents are knowledgeable, welcoming, and service-oriented. This measure was high in both first-year and second-year results, but has experienced slight downward movement that is being monitored.

So what does the Med-City need to improve on? According to the visitors that were surveyed, Rochester is kind of difficult to navigate.

The primary area in need of improvement identified in the survey:

1. Ease of getting around. Ongoing construction projects and detours factored into this area, which was a primary need of improvement last year, too.

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