It was a perfect evening to get outta the house and give your parents a break as kids of all ages enjoyed another Teen Night for Rochesterfest!


I'm going to feel old saying this, but I’ve had the pleasure of hosting Rochesterfest’s Teen Night eight times! Either the people in charge can't find somebody else to do it, or they can tell I enjoy it and keep inviting me back. Either way, last night was as good as it gets.

Gabriel the Hypnotist once again stole the show with his usual brand of entertainment by putting several of Rochester’s youth under his spell.

The large crowd present gathered around the Treasure Island main stage and howled with laughter as a select number of teenagers did what they were instructed by dancing and acting out different characters/celebrity’s to the audience’s delight.

Also featured was the annual Pannekoeken Pie Eating Contest, to which eight random youngsters were given a delicious strawberry Pannekoeken with a mountain of whipped cream.  The winner received and $80 Pannekoeken gift card, while the other seven participants received a consolation prize of a $10 gift card. This way everybody walked away happy and full!

A new feature to this year’s Teen Night was BubbleBall! BubbleBall is a fun recreational game that allows players to play full-contact sports while being protected from totally-safe PVC inflatable spheres. You can play a variety of games from bubble soccer to royal rumble and sumo smash... it's amazing, and the kids seemed to love it! You can read more on BubbleBall HERE and HERE.

The boys from The Machine Shed were back for year two and held another video game tournament under the tent on the south side of the park.  Both old and new-school games were present for a round-robin tournament with plenty of prizes! It was easy to hear all the hoots and hollers from the matches taking place from the main stage.

Another highlight to mention were all the variety of games played on the main stage. Several "Fallon For Five" games were featured from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, like the "Best Friend Challenge" and the "Whisper Challenge" in which a number of kids would compete in various competitions to win a crisp $5 bill or a cupcake from Hy-Vee.

Here just a few of the snap shots that were taken:

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