A disgruntled homeowner went a little too far when they called the authorities on their neighbors' dog for going to the bathroom outside — despite it being on the neighbors' own property.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous person explained the couple who live next door lets their dog go to the bathroom on their own patio, which infuriates them.

"I have some neighbors, a young couple around their 20s. They've lived in the apartment next to mine for two years. They have a dog. A small one," they wrote via Reddit.

"I've always noticed them taking the dog on walks but for the past two months, I just see them putting some pads on their patio and letting the dog s--t and pee there," they continued.

They noted they've made multiple "complaints" to the neighbors, calling them "lazy," and even telling them "to give up the dog if they can't care for it properly."

The couple have defended themselves against the constant criticism, explaining they clean up after their dog each time and walk it "every night."

"The girl also said it's none of my business why she and her boyfriend don't take the dog out on walks and they don't have to answer to me," the Reddit user continued. "The next morning I called the police on them. Authorities came and inspected and said that no laws are broken as long as the area is getting cleaned up daily."

The police also told the disgruntled Reddit user that the "couple [have] their reasons" and it's none of their business. Later, they found out from other neighbors that the neighbor is pregnant, so her partner takes the dog out late at night while the woman rests.

The Reddit user detailed that everyone who lives in the "building is now hostile" toward them.

In the comments, other Reddit users slammed the nosy neighbor for getting the police involved.

"I can't even imagine why anyone would think this was not OK, let alone a police matter. You just made a building full of enemies all because you are nosy and intrusive," one person wrote.

"You're a neighbor from hell. What an absolute waste of police resources," another commented.

"There are many reasons why people can't walk their dog. The dog may have an injury that's healing, it may have developed arthritis and can't walk as much or as long without pain, or a slew of other reasons that are none of your business," someone else shared.

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