The Minnesota Twins are in LA for some games this week. Last night, Tuesday, August 9th, they were playing a game at the Dodgers stadium and things got a little... weird between the two announcers for the Twins on Bally Sports North. This is the beauty of live TV.

During the game, the two announcers, Glen Perkins and Dick Bremer, somehow turned the conversation to the famous hot dog sold at the Dodgers stadium. You may already be able to tell where this is going.

The Dodgers' famous hot dog is called the Dodger Dog and it's about a 10-inch long hot dog. Well, Glen Perkins had a chance to try the Dodger Dog and had some thoughts. The trouble was, as he described later on Twitter, that once he started he couldn't stop. "It's like peeing."

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The conversation went something like this:

Glen Perkins: I... it was... I can't... I like a... shorter thicker hot dog... that one was a little long and skinny for my liking.

Dick Bremer: You realize there's nothing I can say at this point that's gonna make this any better.

Glen: No... You know what it didn't have onions either.

People had a heyday with the exchange though. One person Tweeted "I am in tears". Check out the video for yourself if you want a laugh.

Sometimes you never know what will happen on live TV. Sometimes it's uncomfortable hot dog talk during a Twins game.

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