First of all, we're 30 days out... 30 DAYS!! How did that happen? There's still so much to do!

Ok, we're not going to finish everything in one Wedding Wednesday, so let's talk about my makeup for the wedding day!

No, I'm not hiring someone to do my makeup, I'll be doing it myself! I love makeup, I've tested out different looks (as you'll see below) and I feel confident in my abilities. I also feel like if you feel comfortable doing your own makeup for your wedding day you should do it and not hire someone else. Who knows your face better than you? No one! You'll be able to do the best look for your face if you do it yourself (if you're comfortable, of course)!

Hopping off my soapbox now, I want your help in picking my makeup look! I have three options below. Really the only thing different between the looks is the eyeshadow. Except for the third one, that one you'll have to use your imagination! If the third look is chosen I will be doing eyeliner and the same lip color as the first two options, I just didn't do it the day I tested out this look... oops.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3



Now let's talk RSVPs. Today is the RSVP deadline, and in the poll from last week's Wedding Wednesday was split between bothering people last weekend and waiting until the RSVP deadline. So we did actually end up bugging a few people this past weekend and now we're just... waiting. It's very difficult for me to wait, I just want to do the seating chart!


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