Duluth was the only city in the country that received this "treat." And while it sounded cool, in the end it totally took a super lame turn.

"Doritos is bringing the heat to the city that needs it most - Duluth, MN" 

When I first read this headline, I was like "OMG, that's so cool! Why aren't they coming to Rochester?"

I envisioned delicious Doritos falling from the sky, with my tongue hanging out like a little kid during the first snow fall. THEN I watched the video... Instead of dropping the bags of Doritos from the helicopter, the chopper landed and a guy handed out the bags. They were full sized bags, but talk about an anti-climatic ending.

Our sister station in Duluth was out with a camera in hand, prepared for the awesomeness! Little did they know, but no awesomeness would ever happen...

Alright, I'm done dogging on Doritos. I have tried the Heat Wave Doritos and, yes, they are fantastic! They are available in stores now.

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