This is the first time I've seen a bigfoot sighting compare Sasquatch to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but I guess it makes sense considering how huge and muscular he is

Grouse hunters encountered an 8-10 foot tall creature in the woods in the Leech Lake Reservation in Cass County, Minnesota.

The area is a hotspot for bigfoot encounters. So much so that 'Finding Bigfoot' shot an episode in the area 10 years ago. It's worth noting that just 16 miles south of the sighting is the town of Remer, Minnesota which is the 'Home Of Bigfoot" because of all the sightings.

According to the BFRO report, the encounter happened on October 6, 2023. The witness says that he and his mother were grouse hunting by Bena on Six Mile Lake Road in the Mud Goose management area.

While they were looking down the trail for grouse, they saw a large figure in the grassy ditch moving very slowly. The ditch was about 3 feet down, the grass on the top of the trail was 3 feet tall, and the figure still was showing 3 or 4 feet above the grass. They estimated it was 8-10 feet tall.

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They said it was a hulking Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson figure with "a rounded head sitting low on the shoulders." Sorry, Dwayne. Those were their words.

They also said they noticed a pungent odor, almost like rotting vegetation. Maybe they were smelling what The Rock was cooking? The hunters said it was giant and was walking on two feet.

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It was looking down when they saw it, and the creature's arms were long and slowly swung as it walked in the woods.

They later returned to the area with a family member to investigate but ended up getting spooked and didn't stay around long.

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They encountered a Conservation Officer on the way out of the forest and told him about the incident. The witnesses said that the officer replied, "Yeah, that's where people report seeing those." This caught the family off guard because they were expecting him to refute their sighting.

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