She was always more interested in dancing than acting, but we love her movies!

I'm still somewhat new to Rochester (I moved here in July of 2016), so forgive me if I'm overly excited about something everyone knows already - but I just found that Lea Thompson is from Rochester!

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You'll remember Lea from amazing flicks like Howard The Duck, and the classic (probably her most well known) Back To The Future series.

Lea didn't live here long, but her work (and the Thompson family) has certainly made an impact on the area.

Her first love was ballet. Wikipedia explains that acting was something that sort of "fell into her lap" after a harsh realization. A ballet director told her she was "a lovely dancer", but "too stocky" - so she decided to pursue acting instead after moving to New York City. In addition to movies, she's done numerous plays as well.

How cool is that!?

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