You might've read that headline and thought I meant something to do with Iowans "being woke," which is a term people use when talking about politics online. I'll let you know right now this survey has nothing to do with politics at all. I mean "awake" in the literal sense. Iowans drink a boatload of caffeine and are one of the most caffeinated states in the U.S.

I can't decide if I'm a little bit surprised by this or not. I always believed coffee was really popular in the northwestern part of the country in states like Washington and Oregon. You also hear about cities like New York or Chicago and how those cities never really sleep. There are people working constantly in those major metropolitan areas. But then you think of all of the early morning risers in Iowa that help feed the entire country.

Day and night there are hard-working Iowa farmers who might need a little boost of caffeine to get them through a workday.

Unsplash - Ante Samarzija
Unsplash - Ante Samarzija

Most Caffeinated States in the U.S.

According to a study from Zippia, Iowa is the 10th most caffeinated state in the U.S. The study combined coffee, pop, and Google searches to determine its findings. The 3 factors included "average cups of coffee drank daily in each state, percent of residents who drink soda/sugary juices daily, and Google searches for coffee near me."

The top 10 most caffeinated states are;

  • 10 - Iowa
  • 9 - Kansas
  • 8 - Oregon
  • 7 - Rhode Island
  • 6 - Idaho
  • 5 - Hawaii
  • 4 - New Mexico
  • 3 - Colorado
  • 2 - Arizona
  • 1 - Vermont

The only states I would've guessed correctly would've been Iowa and Oregon, at least according to Zippia's study. New Mexico residents drink around 2.4 cups of coffee a day, which is more than any other state. Hawaii has the most coffee shops compared to its population, and the northeast region consumes more coffee than anywhere else, at an average of 1.97 cups of coffee, per person, per day.

This has me wondering how Iowa fits into the mix. Iowa doesn't stand out when it comes to coffee consumption, so I'm curious if energy drinks or pop plays a big factor in caffeine use here.

Are you a coffee drinker? I have a wife who is one of those "don't talk to me this morning until I've had my coffee" kinds of people. She even has a mug that has that written on it. I drink almost exactly two cups of coffee every morning, so I would be considered an above-average coffee drinker.

Let us know how many cups you drink in the comments below!

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