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A lucky couple from Clive, IA won $150,000 recently in the lottery! And when I say lucky, I really mean it, because one of the numbers they picked on their ticket was a complete accident.

Steve Haley went out to purchase a couple of lotto tickets from their “'lucky place to buy tickets'”, according to KCAU, which is a Sioux City car wash. He went with a list of specific numbers he was supposed to select but because he didn't wear his glasses he accidentally picked one number different and it won them an extra $120,000.

Steve had selected an 8 instead of a 9. Steve and his wife Barbara assumed the numbers on their tickets were the ones they had discussed so, without checking the ticket again, they thought they had won $300. But because of that one change, because Steve forgot his glasses, they ended up winning $150,000 instead. KCAU says that they "were one number away from winning that night’s $23.2 million jackpot."

Barabara said, “'I’m always saying, ‘Why don’t you just wear your glasses?’ I’m going to quit complaining to him.'” They don't know yet what they want to do with the money.

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