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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - An Iowa man may have set a speeding ticket record in Olmsted County last week.

He was clocked at nearly 160 mph on Highway 52.

According to the trooper’s citation, a car that was traveling “at a very high rate of speed” was spotted on southbound Highway 52 in Goodhue County around 10:30 pm May 19.

The trooper initially clocked the car at 122 mph. The trooper said he tried to catch the speeding car but it “was too fast.” The car was clocked at 138 - 140 mph and then the trooper recorded a top speed of 157 mph.

The car was stopped near Oronoco by a county deputy who also clocked a top speed of 157 mph. The driver was identified as 23-year-old Anthony Neve of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He told the trooper he was in a hurry to get home and “didn’t know he was going that fast.”

Neve was charged with speeding and careless driving and scheduled for arraignment next month.

Olmsted County Court
Olmsted County Court

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