I'm no one to judge but if you've ever looked for a reason to stop smoking, this Iowa native has found a pretty solid therapy routine. If you're looking to kick the habit, I know there's someone out there who would be the perfect person to look up to for help.

Not only is the distance covered by this man incredible, but he never takes a day off. You can find him walking outside, 365 days a year. Not bad for this young 84-year-old.

Supposedly it all started when Robert wanted to quit smoking. He realized that after quitting, he started putting on some extra weight, and he had to do something to shed the extra pounds.

Robert Blong

Robert Blong is from Manchester, Iowa, and he plans on walking for the rest of his life. Robert spoke to KCRG and after smoking for 36 years, he decided it was time to quit.

I smoked for 36 years and in 1993 I quit smoking. I needed to do something because I started to gain some weight. It became more than just walking. It became physical, mental and spiritual. I got addicted to it.

The fact that Robert never misses a day is an incredible feat all on its own. The amount of ground he's covered...sounds almost like a miracle. Instead of being addicted to smoking, Robert became addicted to walking. And he's walked pretty damn far.

According to KCRG, Robert keeps track of his miles every day and he is currently at 47,800 miles, not counting what he's done this year. Those miles would equal walking around the entire world, twice!

He told KCRG,

I feel fortunate that I’m able to do it. Most people my age aren’t able to a lot of them have canes. I am able to do it that is why I continue. I don’t want to be in a wheelchair. I‘ve seen too many people that have to carry a cane around. Most people that smoke for 36 years you consider your life over. I rebuilt my life.


It'll be pretty tough for me to come up with an excuse the next time I don't want to go to the gym and do a workout. Robert never makes an excuse to miss his fitness routine. Robert isn't only walking a mile or two either. He reaches around 6 or 7 miles a day.

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