The most exciting part of most road trips? The first hour. WHOO-HOO! Then, lots and lots of driving. I love them, but that WHOO-HOO! feeling doesn't last long. Unless you're Iowa's  Brandy Macuber and Tamara Bane.

The Road Trip with the Never Ending WHOO-HOOS!

According to a story on, "Macumber and Bane are best friends from Winterset, Iowa, and every summer they take a road trip together."

  • Fun Iowa Facts: Winterset, IA is about 40 minutes southwest of Des Moines, IA, and is the birthplace of actor John Wayne.

They call the road trip the "BFF Road Trip" and this year they've switched it up a bit. They're doing the usual road trip things, taking pictures, seeing the sites, having fun...AND they're getting so tipsy! And by that I mean when they stop to eat, they're leaving super-huge tips!

That is So Cool, Where's The Money Coming From?

Let’s set up an account (Venmo) and let’s just see what happens. (Bane on ABC9)

They're back home now, but you can see all the fun they had on their You Can’t Be Serious? Facebook page.

Click play to hear the Radio On-Demand Podcast Brandy, Tamara, and James recorded the other day. They are hilarious!

And another one...

And one more...

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