Amazon Prime Day was last week, and I'm not going to lie, I was online most of the day. They had some pretty great deals, BUT I'm really NOT happy about... 

THE SHIPPING DELAY! Um, hello! I thought I ordered via Prime? Isn't it supposed to be two days? Why am I waiting until mid August to get some of my purchases?

I ordered a few things, but the one that by far bugs me the most is THIS:

Earlier this month my lawnmower took a crap. With Prime Day nearing, I wanted to wait and order one on Amazon. I was VERY happy to find this one, and ordered it immediately. Well, my grass is getting pretty long. I went online to see when it would arrive, and can you believe how long I have to wait? Is this real life?

I wouldn't be so upset if I knew this was the only thing I purchased that was going to take that long. Why? Because this is a large package to deliver. Unfortunately, that's not the case! I ordered Kinesiology tape AND an Amazon Echo that won't be here until August either.

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