They are saying it's even better than pepper spray. Anybody ever used it OR know someone that has? 

The tiny device is known as the SafeSound personal alarm. You can attach it to your purse or backpack. When you press the button, it shoots off an extremely loud noise. According to safelifealliance, it was inspired by the military, and the loudness (130 dB) has been compared to a football stadium or a military fighter jet taking off.

Even though Rochester is on the safer side when it comes to bigger cities around the country, you never really know when you'll need to protect yourself.

Why is it being called "better than pepper spray?"

Because it's legal to carry in all states, and you can even bring it with you on an airplane. They also say it can be used by anyone regardless of age and physical ability. Read more here.

To buy one or several, click here.

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