Whether this is your first time driving on Minnesota roads during winter or your 400th, these ten items are vital to keeping you alive and thriving during Minnesota's harsh winter. 

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We have been lucky this year; though the cold has set in, we haven't seen too much snow here in Minnesota (yet). However, we can not be naïve; the snow will be here sooner or later, which means it's time to prepare for winter roads. 

Every Minnesotan has most likely heard of a winter survival kit, but the question is, do you have one prepared and ready to go?

Before we dive into the essentials of a winter survival kit, let's review the basics of winter driving brought to you by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

1. Be able to see and be seen. In other words, clear off ALL windows, mirrors, and lights.

2. Get a feel for the road. Before speeding off, accelerate carefully to test wheel-spin and brake gently to test skidding.

3. Be gentle. Accelerate with care and pump your brakes instead of slamming them down.

4. Increase your following distance.

5. Make turns slowly and gradually.

6. If the rear of your car begins to slide, turn in the direction of the skid. 

7. Always avoid a collision. In an emergency situation, steer into a snowbank versus another car. 

So now that we've refreshed our summer brains, let's see what items we should store in our cars during winter.

Are You Prepared For A MN Winter? Keep These 10 Items in Your Car

The cold is here, and that means the snow isn't far behind. Are you ready to tackle Minnesota roads this winter? Do you have these ten items in your car?

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