Have you ever noticed that weird-looking anomaly just off Minnesota's North Shore? It's right near Isle Royale, just south of the Canadian border. I stumbled on some recent information that may seem out of this world. However, maybe there is something to it. There isn't anything like this in the rest of Lake Superior, so let's dive in and see what it could be.

google maps
google maps

Theory #1: Crater Impact from thousands of years ago.

This probably seems the most likely, and least fun option. YouTuber cstuemke proposed that this could be an impact crater from a meteorite that struck the earth over 12,000 years ago causing the 'Younger Dryas' period. It's an interesting theory, and it does look like a possible impact underwater.

Theory #2: It had something to do with volcanic formations.

Another theory is that it had to do with volcanic eruptions a billion years ago. This would make sense considering the large amounts of rich minerals in the areas. Some of the world's purest iron and copper are found in the lake and surrounding ranges in both Minnesota & Michigan. Lava flows could explain how those minerals were brought to the area. The area is also along the Isle Royale fault line.

Theory #3: It's an ancient mega mound from Native Americans.

It does look similar to Native American earthworks. The problem with this theory is that the anomaly is so large, it would make this the biggest mound site ever. It's 3 miles long by two miles wide. That's a big area.

Theory #4: It was a mine for the lost city of Atlantis

Ok, grab the tin foil hat because things are getting wild. According to YouTuber cstuemke, this could be a remnant of a mine used by the people of Atlantis. It is possible that this area was not underwater in ancient times, and given the large deposits of copper, it would be a valuable place to mine. Still, that's pretty far out there.

Theory #5: Underwater government base

Could the government have an underwater base there? If you wanted to hide something, there would be no better place than below the surface of the water in a remote area. There even is a claim that a fisherman saw a periscope emerge from the water in the area.

Photo by Dongsh on Unsplash
Photo by Dongsh on Unsplash

Theory #6 it's an underground alien base.

This actually makes more sense to me than an underwater government base. There have been tons and tons of UFO sightings around Lake Superior. We even know that Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) are real. The United States Navy has been documenting these for years. We actually found out that the Navy has been the lead government agency in investigating UAPs over the years because of their correlation with water.

So what do you think? I'm not sure, but I think there needs to be more of an investigation into what's beneath the largest lake in the world. Check out the full video of these theories here!

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