Food trucks are a thing, so why not have food boats? That's what a business is doing on some lakes in Wisconsin. It's called the Snacklebox, and they are serving up food for hungry Wisconsinites.

The Snackle Box is located in Door County, Wisconsin.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I ran across their Taco Tracker FB post on a fishing page and it immediately got my attention.

Their first day on the water was on Friday, June 7th. They posted a thank you to the customers that came out.

It's been a work in progress as you can see from their photos of how they transported a pontoon into a food service vehicle.

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the setup. The simple menu is great too, who doesn't like tacos?

They call it "Food That Floats Your Boat." What a great concept. People have been saying really nice things about the business venture. I hope it works out for them!

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You can follow them on Facebook and they will provide updates when they are out on the water and what lake or beach they will be at. It would be hard to miss seeing this pontoon out there. They made it stand out with their renovations.

Check out the Snacklebox on Facebook and follow them for more info.

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