This fall, a Northland realtor listed a Cloquet area home with some very unique photos as part of the listing. The hilarious images shared as part of the listing must have worked (or at least helped), because the home sold not long after hitting the market!

The house by itself is a beautiful three-bedroom home that sits on a quiet 10-acre lot just north of Cloquet. Complete with a nice yard, deck, and more, this house probably wouldn't have had any problems finding a new owner with normal real estate photos. I think we can all be thankful the decision was made to take things up a notch in the marketing of this house, though!

In what is kind of like a "Where's Waldo" game through the photos of the home, there's a hilarious creature popping up at random that offers a few laughs along the way to add some extra buzz around this nice little home. The creature? A gorilla doing a variety of hilarious things around the home! Haha!

Listed in October for $349,900, a new buyer swooped in and grabbed this quaint rural Cloquet gem for $29,000 under the asking price. I just hope they read the disclaimer from the agent that noted while "you'll go bananas" over some of the property's features, the gorilla isn't included with the purchase of the property.

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Take a peek through the photos and get a couple of laughs at what might be the winner of creative marketing in real estate across the Northland in 2023! Bravo!

Cloquet, Minnesota Home Real Estate Listing Includes Hilarious Easter Eggs

This quaint little 10-acre property in a rural area just north of Cloquet has a lot of charm, but some of the photos of the property are attention-getting for another reason. They include a hilarious visitor popping up in some of the photos!

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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