Is it the return of 'Kirko Chainz'?

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins isn't exactly dripping with 'swag'. Despite the growing heap of chains courtesy of his teammates around his neck through the 2022 season, Kirk exudes 'dad vibes'. Does that make him a bad player? No. Does that mean he should try trendy dances? I'll let you decide.

At Minnesota Vikings Training Camp at TCO Performance Center in Eagan, Kirk Cousins was part of a drill that involved running (a rigid-looking) route and being on the receiving end of a pass from backup quarterback Nick Mullens.

After wrapping up the lob from Mullens, Kirk briefly turned upfield for a yard before breaking into a bit of Justin Jefferson's famous dance, "The Griddy".

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In the video, shared by @thatvikingsfan2 on Twitter, you can hear some fans in the stands clap while others chuckle at the sight of QB1 dancing a little before passing the ball back to Mullens.

This isn't the first time Cousins has broken into 'The Griddy" on the field. Another instance came at the end of the 2021 season as Kirk executed a quarterback sneak for a touchdown against the Lions in Detroit. (Watch it here)

Following the touchdown, Kirk led a team 'Griddy' in the endzone.

Following the dance, Kirk made an appearance on the ManningCast edition of Monday Night Football, offering some thoughts on the dance. He commented to Peyton and Eli "I definitely set The Griddy back a few years". Cousins went on to say that he hoped for another rushing touchdown opportunity to show off some improvement on the dance after his first attempt against the Lions.

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Kirk has busted out the moves a few other times, including coming off the field in October of 2022, dancing it up a little with Kris Boyd while heading into the locker room from the field.

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