Pizza is like a blank canvas, there are so many toppings and ways to make a pizza that it's hard to keep up with the latest trends, so here's what to look for in 2024.

The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas just wrapped up, and Minnesota based Hormel had a large presence at the show, being that they make the best-selling retail pepperoni in the United States, along with a variety of other pizza toppings.

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Hormel also has a "pizza expert" on staff, and they've put together a list of what to expect for pizzas in the coming year, and some of these trends sound amazing, let's see what's cookin' in the oven for 2024:

  • Giardiniera - Popular in many Italian American households, with deeps roots to Chicago, Giardiniera is made from pickled vegetables like peppers, olives and cauliflower that has been soaked in a mixture of tangy oil and vinegar.
  • Ribbon Pepperoni - Popular on pizza in Canada, and finally making its way to the United States, ribbon pepperoni is basically shredded pepperoni that can be spread more evenly around the pizza. This will stop those pepperoni thieves from picking the round pepperoni from a freshly cooked pizza.
  • Sesame Seed Crust -  This one is pretty self-explanatory, look for more pizza joints offering an alternate crust featuring crunchy sesame seeds.
  • Global Flavors - One of the fastest growing trends in the pizza world is creating pizzas with international flavors, Mexican, Cuban and Indian are some of the favorite flavors being used with ingredients like chimichurri, gochujang and miso.
  • Post-bake Creativity - A trend that is taking off is what happens to a pizza after it's removed from the oven, ingredients like hot honey, chili-infused oils, shaved Parmesan, and leafy greens are all popular options to add to a pizza after baking.

What do you think of these trends? What one are you excited to try? I'm most excited for the ribbon pepperoni, and the sesame seed crust, both sound like amazing pizza upgrades that could be more than just a trend.

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