I have no idea how to play a guitar, but I'm an air guitar God, I can shred with the best of them, so I may have to pack up my imaginary guitar and head to the US Air Guitar Championship when it stops in Minnesota soon.

US Air Guitar is the official air guitar association of the United States and is responsible for producing the US Air Guitar Championships and all of its qualifying events throughout the country. This year's national finals will be held in Cleveland, OH, but to make it there, you'll need to qualify, and you'll have a chance to do just that in Minnesota soon.

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Coming up on June 26th, the US Air Guitar Championships will host a qualifying event at
Route 47 Pub & Grub in Fridley, MN, the competition starts at 7 PM and there is a $15 entry fee, which can be paid in advance here, all competitors must be at least 21 years old. The winner of this event will get a guaranteed slot in THE DarkHorse Championships, which could lead to the final stage at the World Championship competition in Oulu, Finland in August.

The public is welcome to come watch and cheer on their favorite air guitarists, admission is only $5, and you can lock down advanced tickets here.

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If you're not familiar with how an air guitar competition works, it is broken into two rounds, round 1 is freestyle where each person plays a song of their choice, and round 2 is compulsory where the top competitors from round 1 perform a surprise song. Each performance is one minute long, and competitors can pick what 60 seconds of a song is used. According to the official rules, instruments must be invisible and must be a guitar, and "air roadies" are allowed, but must leave the stage before the performance.

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