School Officer Shawn Guetschow was working his off-duty job as a security guard at Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin on March 4 when he went into the school cafeteria to break up a fight. The officer was able to separate the two students when he got in a scuffle with one of the girls who is 12 years old.

Surveillance video from the fight shows that the girl appears to punch him and he fell to the floor taking the girl with him. He then got on top of her and appeared to press his knee into the back of her neck for around 25 seconds while he handcuffed her. He then picked her up and brought her to her feet and they walk off camera range.

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The girl's father Jerrel Perez who now lives in Illinois filed a lawsuit this week. He alleges that officer Shawn Guetschow used excessive force inflicting lasting injuries on his daughter. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and attorney fees from Guetschow, the city of Kenosha, and the school district. According to

Perez alleges in the lawsuit that his daughter couldn't breathe while Guetschow's knee was on her neck. She sustained a traumatic brain injury and still suffers recurring headaches. The lawsuit describes the knee restraint as an illegal chokehold.

Guetschow resigned from his job as the security guard at the school just days after the incident saying that he had suffered mental and emotional pain and also that the school district did not support him. According to WKOW " The Kenosha Police Department did an internal investigation and determined that he did not violate department policies or procedures and was back on active duty with the department on January 31."

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