A man on Reddit asked his girlfriend to tell her co-worker that she has a boyfriend after she previously hid her relationship status, which "hurt" his feelings.

"My girlfriend (let's call her Amy) and I have been dating for about seven months. This is not a situationship; we have clearly stated we are in a committed relationship and have all the boundaries that come with that," he began.

"A few months ago we briefly worked at the same coffee shop. It wasn't for me, so I left, but she is still working there. When we worked there we kept our relationship under wraps as we didn't want any work gossip," he continued.

"Fast forward to a few weeks ago, my girlfriend came home from work and told me that her co-worker, 'Jessica,' asked her if she had a partner. Amy said she freaked out in that moment and didn't want to expose that we were being deceptive about dating, so she said that she didn't," the man shared.

He told her "this hurt my feelings," and that "she didn't necessarily have to say who her partner was, but that she does have one."

"She genuinely seemed like she felt bad and that she made a mistake. Now we're at our current problem. I am asking her to tell her co-worker Jessica that she does have a partner," he wrote.

However, his girlfriend doesn't feel "comfortable" with his request.

"She is very introverted and not someone who talks about her personal life really at all while at work. That's something I really understand, it's not her employer's or co-worker's business what goes on in her personal life. I'm not asking her to gush about me at work, or get on top of the tables and profess her love for me. All I want is for her to say, 'Hey Jessica, the other day when you asked me if I had a partner I got in my head in the moment and said no, but I actually do,'" he explained.

"I'm not looking to control her work life or any aspect of her life, I just want her to say she has a partner when people ask. It has become very frustrating for me. Last night I told her, 'This is something that really hurt my feelings and I've told you a way that it could be made better, and you're just saying no.' She started crying and said she feels like she's letting me down," the man concluded.

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Users in the comments section had mixed reactions to the man's story.

"It's an awkward thing for her. Pick and choose your battles, bud. This isn't the hill you want to make your last stand on. If it happens again then I would definitely sound an alarm on it," one person advised.

"She is in an awkward situation and you're making a power play instead of understanding. She knows she screwed up. Who cares what one person thinks or knows? This is you rubbing her nose in it. Stop it and be generous," someone else commented.

"She can't even tell people about you? Seems like she is embarrassed of you and you don't deserve that. Seven months and she hasn't once mentioned that she is dating someone even when she is asked if she is?" another user questioned.

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