Gypsy Rose Blanchard is showing off her new look following a nose job procedure.

Blanchard revealed the results of her April 2024 rhinoplasty in a series of videos posted to her TikTok account.

In one TikTok video, she shared a series of new photos, including a selfie and a picture of her getting her makeup done.

In another TikTok, Blanchard, wearing a pink dress, playfully poses for the camera while lip-syncing to Sabrina Carpenter's hit single "Espresso."

Viewers in the comments section praised Blanchard's new look.

"She ATEEEE this right upppppp goshhhhh," one user wrote.

"The nose looks soooo goooddd and so does the hair, you’re the new Gypsy," another person commented.

"I'm glad how she’s finally living life the way she should," someone else wrote.

"No because she is actually so gorgeous," another viewer gushed.

Speaking to E! News on May 1, Blanchard revealed, "I'm very proud of my new nose. I love my new nose. It's subtle. I still look like me. But it's definitely given me self-confidence."

According to People, Blanchard’s close friend Nadiya Vizier said Blanchard underwent the plastic surgery to look "more feminine."

"She said she’s a bit nervous, but she’s happy it’s going to be done. The main thing is that she wanted a more feminine-looking nose. She just wants to fix it up and give it a more feminine look," Vizier told the magazine.

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This is not the only physical transformation Blanchard has undergone since she was released from prison last year. She has also cut her hair, gone blonde and had work done on her teeth.

The transformation comes after Blanchard split with her husband, Ryan Anderson, over alleged problems about Anderson's sleeping habits.

The former couple married in 2022 when Blanchard was still in prison for her involvement in her mother Dee Dee's murder.

Blanchard has since moved on with her ex-fiancé Ken Urker.

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