A man on Reddit is furious after his brother "stole" his and his wife's shine by proposing to his girlfriend at their wedding.

"I own a plumbing company and hired my brother [three] years ago. He was jobless after the pandemic and I offered for him to come work for me. He was 22 at the time, and is now looking to become a master plumber and start his own business," the man began.

"At my wedding, in which he was the best man, he decided that during his speech he would give us all a big surprise and decided to propose to his long time girlfriend," he continued on Reddit.

The man and his wife were "appalled" by the surprise proposal.

"We both feel like he stole the shine from our day. Everyone else in our families were so excited and kept taking pictures with her, looking at the ring, etc. I decided to fire him the very next day. He still doesn’t understand why," he wrote.

The man's brother called him "selfish" and told him he was being "irrational"; his parents agreed with his brother.

"They’re saying that 'business should be separate from our personal lives,' but I just can’t overlook what he did and how he ruined our day," he concluded.

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Users in the comments backed the man and slammed his brother for taking away attention on his big day.

"Your brother is an ass. Sorry to you and your wife," one person wrote.

"This case can't separate family and business because you only offered the job because he was family. I would tell him that he can have the job back after he pays for half of the reception since he turned it into a combination wedding reception and engagement party," another shared.

"He owes you an apology as well. How does he not see that he made you and your wife's day about himself. I hope that you show him this post," another user commented.

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