A dad on Reddit was reamed after sharing he plans to force his teenage son, 17, to sell the classic Chevy Bel Air he inherited from his late grandfather.

"My father passed away in December. He owned a classic car. I believe it’s a 50s Chevy Bel Air. My son is the only grandson he had. I have one sister who has two daughters, and I have two daughters along with my son. So there are five grandkids in total," he began.

"My dad was never much of a girls guy. He always got along with the boys more than the girls. Him and my son were very close. He has left the car to my son in his will. The rest of the grandkids got $4,000 each. The vehicle is valued at over $70,000," the dad continued.

"My sister is LIVID, I am very unhappy as well. It’s just blatantly unfair to his four other grandkids. I don’t understand the legality of the situation because it was left to him but he is currently underage. The car is currently held at my mom's house. I don’t know how to force him to sell it, but I think that is what should happen and the money can be decided equally amongst the grandkids. The way it should be," the man explained.

"My son is very upset about this, he says grandpa left him the car so it’s his car. I have money saved for his college, I am almost considering telling him that his college money will be divided up amongst his sisters and cousins if he refuses to sell the car," he concluded.

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Users in the comments section slammed the dad for not honoring his father's wishes.

You're asking the wrong question here. You need to ask yourself do you intend to honor your father's last wishes about his property or not?

It seems an unfair situation all around but forcing him to sell it would certainly damage your relationship with your son. Is it worth doing that?

Your father had final wishes written down in a legal document that he paid to have drafted.

He gave each grandkid something, in the case of the granddaughters it was cash. In the case of your son it was a car. By your own words he has a strong close bond with your son and not with his granddaughters.

There is no ‘what’s right’ or ‘fair’ in someone’s will; it’s literally their FINAL wishes. He could’ve also left ALL of them diddly squat and donated it to a charity.

The car was clearly given to him as a sentimental item and a shared interest. It was given to your son because he was the only one if the family likely to appreciate and maintain it. It's like if you father had a Steinway grand piano - he'd give it to the grandchild who played piano, not the grandchild with an interest in pottery. And as long as your son doesn't sell the car, he's not actually reaping that 70K in inheritance. He doesn't somehow have 70K to spend on college or anything else. He's just got a very sentimental, valuable car.

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